UV Ultra Violet 21 LED Flashlight Mini Blacklight Aluminum Torch Light

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This 21 LED flashlight has an luminum body which makes it lightweight and portable

Water resistant,perfect for rainy days.

Can detect lice eggs on a strang of hair!!

10,000 hour lifetime!

Uses 3AA Batteries

Uses for UV lights:

Can detect bedbugs

Detecting  Ultraviolet inks in Id's and currencies

Checking Credit Cards, Discover for Novus,Mastercard for MC,And visa V, or an eagle in UV ink.

Activation of UV inks or dies Uses as anti counterfitting measures.

Checking Hand Stamps at clubs.

Examining Art Work or Glass work for Hidden Repairs

Scan a crime scene for foreign materials

Finding scorpions in your house, yard or desert.

Curing UV glue

Illuminating Fluorescent Minerals

HVAC/AC leak detecting

Find Mouse,Rat droppings or Urine

Detect Lice or Nits

Find pet stains

Find blood stains

Automotive freon leak detection

Test for True Vaseline Glass buttons