50000mAh Backup External Battery USB Power Bank Pack Charger for Cell Phone

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Compatible with most types of phones, this charger can provide power when you are out of electricity, durable yet compact. This charger features a sharp, modern case that houses a large lithium-ion battery which can power your phones several times before needing to be re-charged. Four blue LED indicator lights display battery life/charge mode, and 2 USB ports allow for maximum charging efficiency. Unit comes in black / white.



  • Output 1: 5.0V; 2.1A

  • Output 2: 5.0V; 1.0A

  • Imput: DC 5V; 1.0A

  • Size: 8.17" x 7.3" x 2.3" (inches)

  • Weight: 13 oz

  • Color: Black / white

Important Notes:


  • A/C power adapter and lightning adapter for iPhones are NOT  included with purchase

  • To connect to an electrical outlet, please look for a mobile phone A/C power adapter

  • Instruction manuals NOT included. Device is simple to use -- plug in, charge, wait for a few hours, unplug

  • If the phone connection has issues, please try with your phone charging cables